Lawrence Lessig for President. Not a Joke.

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What the fuck does this slogan even mean?  Equal citizens go first?  Unequal citizens have to wait their turn?  

Lawrence Lessig for president.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah.  Amazing.

I thought this was a joke.  The man who has worked relentlessly to relieve individual creators of their constitutionally protected rights wants to run for president.  Let’s elect the man who when faced with the choice of whether to side with an individual’s right to control their artistic work or a tech corporation desire to exploit the work, never seems to take the side of the creator.

Yeah this really seems like a guy who will look out for the little guy.The man who Wired magazine once declared would “smash apart the copyright machine” (to benefit big tech) is running for president.

But forget copyright for moment.  The real danger is that this guy is the Manchurian candidate for Silicon Valley billionaires.  Sure he seems like a progressive guy, “reforming” copyright, Creative Commons founder, Free Press board member,  but when you really dig into everything that he has done and proposed,  it becomes clear his efforts have benefited his financial supporters mostly large tech companies and tech investors while hurting individuals who make their living from copyright. 

Don’t believe me? Just follow the money. Lessig launched his career at the Google funded Berkman Center at Harvard. Look at all the tech billionaires that supported his Mayday Pac. Check the open secrets website for his PAC . Look at all those  Silicon Valley venture capitalists.  Among them the arch libertarian Peter Thiel who has declared he no longer believes in democracy nor does he think women voting is the best idea.  Yeah we should vote for Thiel’s candidate.  Good idea!

Oh and then there is that pesky little matter that he took money from a self-confessed felon to bankroll his causes.  And even ickier read this.

Yet Lessig with a complete straight face claims his campaign is built on “equal citizens first.”  What does that even mean?  Some citizens are equal and they get to go first?  Unequal citizens have to wait?  Huh?

Well come to think of it, that pretty much describes the political worldview of Silicon Valley. Fake progressive political “talk” while “walking” a crony capitalist walk. 

Lessig who admits to alternating between extreme right wing positions and extreme “progressive” positions would like to “hack our democracy” and become president.  Do you want some politically unstable ethically challenged Harvard professor “hacking” our democracy?   I don’t.

Look clearly we have a problem with our democracy when big money interests can essentially buy our government.  We should fix that. But a guy supported mostly by big money interests isn’t gonna fix it by attempting to buy/hack the presidency with the backing of these same moneyed interests. 

Watch the video. It’s fucking unbelievable.

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  1. Thank God someone sent me Link to your site. Your article made me laugh all through my office and that on a matter that is no where near funny. The real world we live in, better than anyone in Hollywood could ever dream up.

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