Official website is #TeamSpotify Despite Unfair Pay to Artists


The White House is #TeamSpotify.

This is an official US government site.  Staffed with employees of the federal government.  The writer clearly implies this is an official act of government and an official White House Channel.

Let the White House know what you think about the low rates paid to artists by these highly exploitative services.   Doubt we can get through through to the president but we can let the the head of digital strategy know:  Kori Schulman.  Twitter @KS44.  As always be polite.  It’s unlikely that The White House or staff has any idea how exploitative these services truly are.

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Full PDF here below:


The White House Just Joined Spotify: Listen to the President’s Summer Playlist |

By Dr. David C Lowery

Platinum selling singer songwriter for the bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven; platinum selling producer; founder of pitch-a-tent records; founder Sound of Music Studios; platinum selling music publisher; angel investor; digital skeptic; college lecturer and founder of the University of Georgia Terry College Artists' Rights Symposium.