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I don’t believe in fairy tales, sermons, or stories about money, baby sister, but thanks for the cigarette.

From True Grit written by Joel Cohen and Ethan Cohen

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The author John Seabrook has written another extraordinary piece on Spotify for the New Yorker that one could charitably describe as struggling with truthiness.  But to paraphrase Mrs. Longworth, if you’re not feeling charitable, come sit next to me.

Of course this is not the first time Mr. Seabrook and the New Yorker have come to the rescue of the Darling of Goldman Sachs.  Who can forget John Seabrook’s puff piece on Daniel Ek that appeared in the New Yorker after Spotify’s Taylor Swift debacle.  That was an article that IPO underwriting syndicates like a whole lot more than…let’s just say reality.

That Daniel Ek piece had some howlers that belied what is increasingly appearing to be Mr. Seabrook’s self-directed…

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2 thoughts on “Seabrook’s Stories About Money

  1. Ouch. True Grit was not written by Joel & Ethan Coen but rather by Charles Portis and published in 1968. The Brothers Coen did a nice job of re-making the film but this is another case of skipping over the original creative source and assigning credit to Hollywood moguls who capitalize on an idea instead of acknowledging the real author. Sometimes it takes a bit of digging to acknowledge the source.

    1. Actually, the screenplay writing credit (2010) is Joel & Ethan Coen. You can check it on IMDB.

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