Thom Yorke on the Disappointment of His Bit Torrent Experiment

Music Technology Policy

Remember when Bit Torrent, Inc. (Daniel Ek’s former employer) was trying to get higher value advertising…oh, sorry…was trying to demonstrate that they were all things pure and high minded because Bit Torrent was really designed to leverage their huge user base derived from piracy…sorry…Bit Torrent Bundle was really designed to help artists find an audience?

Remember when Thom Yorke allowed himself to be used as a poster boy for Bit Torrent Bundle on his solo record “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes”?  Ever wonder how that worked out?  Thom Yorke is interviewed by the Italian site Repubblica and fills us in.

Complete Music Update translates thusly in answer to the interviewer’s question was the Bit Torrent experiment successful:

“No, not exactly”, he said. “But, in fact, I wanted it to be an experiment. It was a reaction to everything that was going on. At the time, people were only talking about…

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