Coldplay Says #irespectmusic and Rejects Freemium: Mr. Ek, The Market Calling on Line One

Music Technology Policy

When the market shifts, it hardly ever happens all at once.  That’s because on a microeconomic level, a bunch of decision makers are making small decisions.  Successful entrepreneurs spot these small decisions before they become a trend, and react in a profit-centered way.  Observers notice that change.

It should surprise no one that Coldplay has rejected freemium on their new “Headful of Dreams” album release and Spotify’s pig headed response should also surprise no one, either.

Complete Music Update asks the question of why Spotify is painting itself into a corner:

Which brings us back to that old question: why doesn’t Spotify allow premiere league artists to window their new releases so that they become available to the service’s paying premium users first, subsequently arriving on freemium several weeks or months down the line? Because ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, which is already available on premium-only streaming platforms like Apple…

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