Quoted: Pandora CEO says free on-demand music streaming is bad | Silicon Beat

“This gray market is unsustainable. If consumers can legally listen to free on-demand music permanently without converting to paying models, the value of music will continue to spiral downward to the benefit of no one.”

Brian McAndrews, CEO of Pandora, in an op-ed published by Business Insider Tuesday.

Where have we heard this before? Now we wonder how long it may be until they acknowledge that Ad Funded Piracy Is Big Business?





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One thought on “Quoted: Pandora CEO says free on-demand music streaming is bad | Silicon Beat

  1. While I certainly welcome this comment, I wonder if he will also acknowledge that a paying model can never exist while You Tube continues to exploit the DMCA Safe Harbor, offering anything and everything musically for free – against the will of the creators? Simply put – the lowest price determines the going rate of identical goods. As long as You Tube offers unlimited music at no cost to users it will be impossible for Pandora or any other service to charge anyone for music. We need to talk about the elephant in the room – the Safe Harbor which – which is really an ocean.

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