Another Reason YouTube Sucks: They Still Host Advertising For Illegal Fentanyl Sales

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This is a screenshot form earlier today.  YouTube hosts dozens of videos like these advertising the illegal sale of the Prince killing drug Fentanyl. Mississippi Attorney General Hood is right on YouTube:  They continue to enable advertising for illegal drug trafficking. 

Just saw this on MTP:

Google Facilitates the Sale of the Drug that Killed Prince
Songwriters  and performers have a legal rights to choose with whom they do business.  If I don’t like Coors I don’t have to license my music for their commercials.  If I you don’t like the particular views of a political candidate you don’t have to let them use your music.

Well, what about a company that hosts advertisements for illegal sales of drugs,  hate rock videos,  terrorist recruitment videos and thousands of other abominations.   Artists don’t want to support a business like this do they?

Well, because YouTube abuses the DMCA takedown process, and interprets it as a game of “Whack-a-mole”  there is no practical way to keep your music off of YouTube.   We are forced to go into business with a deeply amoral company?


We have carefully documented over the years all the nasty crap Google/YouTube hosts:

Other news outlets have reported on YouTube hosting  ISIS and Jihadi recruitment videos and serving advertising.

We have also questioned the ethics of participating in YouTube hosted events like YouTube Music Awards.