Another Reason YouTube Sucks: They Still Host Advertising For Illegal Fentanyl Sales

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This is a screenshot form earlier today.  YouTube hosts dozens of videos like these advertising the illegal sale of the Prince killing drug Fentanyl. Mississippi Attorney General Hood is right on YouTube:  They continue to enable advertising for illegal drug trafficking. 

Just saw this on MTP:

Google Facilitates the Sale of the Drug that Killed Prince
Songwriters  and performers have a legal rights to choose with whom they do business.  If I don’t like Coors I don’t have to license my music for their commercials.  If I you don’t like the particular views of a political candidate you don’t have to let them use your music.

Well, what about a company that hosts advertisements for illegal sales of drugs,  hate rock videos,  terrorist recruitment videos and thousands of other abominations.   Artists don’t want to support a business like this do they?

Well, because YouTube abuses the DMCA takedown process, and interprets it as a game of “Whack-a-mole”  there is no practical way to keep your music off of YouTube.   We are forced to go into business with a deeply amoral company?


We have carefully documented over the years all the nasty crap Google/YouTube hosts:

Other news outlets have reported on YouTube hosting  ISIS and Jihadi recruitment videos and serving advertising.

Eyesight for the Willfully Blind, Part 1: YouTube, Jailbait and Bangin’ Up the Femoral Vein

We have also questioned the ethics of participating in YouTube hosted events like YouTube Music Awards.








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