Independent Music Publishers Forum Rejects DOJ 100% Licensing: “Nothing has been fixed but everything has been further broken”

This now becomes a WTO issue. Taxpayers will pay for this dispute while Google benefits.

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Statement of IMPF Board of Directors on the U.S. DoJ’s 100% licensing scheme

How is it possible that the U.S. Department of Justice made a decision to not only leave the outdated consent decrees as they are, despite all the meetings, entreaties and ideas of the last two years, but added to its’ interpretation of those decrees in a clearly punitive and devastating move for small and indie music publishers and their songwriters?

In what was described by IMPF, the independent music publishers forum, as ‘an unmitigated disaster’, the decision only looks at the 100% licensing concept, which goes against common practise in the music industry, forcing, as it will, the CMOs to adopt ‘100% licensing’ despite the fact that the CMO may not actually represent all the owners of the musical work.

“This decision will result in confusion and chaos for everyone, from music publishers, to collective rights managements…

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