“Progressive” Zephyr Teachout’s Financial Ties to Pirate Party and Bitcoin Promoters

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Earlier in the summer we reported heavily on the democratic candidate for NY-19 congressional seat Zephyr Teachout.  In particular we were very interested in her role as director of Fight For The Future because they have an extremely regressive anti-artist anti-copyright agenda.  Further under her leadership Fight For the Future organized a mass copyright infringement campaign directed at the MLK estate.  Only in a 90% white upstate New York district could this act be seen as “progressive.”  See more here.  (Fight For the Future has since removed her name from the website, but the candidate has failed to clarify if she is still director).

So what?  Just another fake progressive politician right?  Well we think it goes beyond that.  We dug deep into the funding for the Fight For the Future.  Of particular concern was something called London Trust Media.   They gave more than $200,000 to FFTF when Teachout was director.


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This is the address listed for London Trust Media on FFTF tax documents.  Does this look like a company that normally gives  $200,000k to non-profits?  It is apparently located in an industrial park in Michigan.   As it turns out, London Trust Media is some sort of holding or shell company, that appears designed to hide the true ownership of Private Internet Access.

However we know a lot about Private Internet access. Co-founder is Andrew Lee a long,  a long-time Bitcoin promoter.   He was also founder of Mt. Gox Live, that was subsequently sold to (or merged with) Mt Gox the primary bitcoin exchange.  Mt Gox of course spectacularly collapsed when they “lost” 700,000 bitcoin worth an estimated $460 Million dollars.   Bitcoin is the preferred currency of Anarcho-Capitalists and other fringe opponents of “fiat” currencies, not typically the kind of thing that a progressive typically endorses.  Especially progressives that want to increase regulation of financial markets and banks.  Does anyone else find this odd?

And BTW who is the “other” co-owner of London trust media?

Private Internet Access also lists Rick Falkvinge the founder of the Pirate Party as the “Head of Privacy at Private Internet Access.”  You can’t get more anti-copyright than the Pirate Party.

Teachout needs to come clean on her views on copyright.  Right now she looks like a Trojan horse candidate that will try gut artists revenue and rights when she gets into congress.    Why won’t she clarify her positions?   What is she afraid of?

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  1. This appears to be part of a campaign of infiltration into progressive politics by the Tech Overlords. First Google runs the DOJ and the FCC…now this. There’s bound to be more on the way. They’re politicians after all. She’s got support from people who don’t know anything about her anti-copyright, anti-artist stance.

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