Google Puts PewDiePie on “Double Secret Probation” for Antisemitism



Fact check:  As of 1:09 pm EDT PewDiePie original content is still on YouTube Red Premium subscription service.  PewDiePie show is also being promoted on the YouTube red original content home page.

If you read the headlines may think that Google has actually severed relations with their biggest video star PewDiePie for making at least 9 antisemitic videos.  Not true.  This seems to be some sort of bullshit “double secret probation” type punishment.  As the Wall Street Journal accurately reports:

YouTube hasn’t removed any of the videos because it determined they don’t violate its community guidelines, which have a higher bar for removal than its rules for advertiser-friendly content, according to a person familiar with the matter.


Mr. Kjellberg will be able to post videos to his channel and earn revenue from ads sold before his videos play, but those ads will only be sold through an automated ad auction that generally fetches lower prices than the preferred program.

But as it turns out PewDiePie show is still live on the YouTube Red premium subscription channel, which must involve some sort of money (hence the term “subscription). Further YouTube appears to still slinging ads on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel.  Double Secret Probation in deed.