Should Artists Tell Labels to Pull Their Videos? YouTube Continues Ties With PewDiePie Even After “Death To All Jews” Video

pewdiepie death to jews

Disney severs ties, but YouTube continues to host support and promote PewDiePie’s Videos on YouTube and the subscription YouTube Red service. 

While much has been made of the Disney severing its relationship with YouTube star PewDiePie after his series of what most are calling anti-Semitic videos, few have said anything about the fact that YouTube seems to be  standing strong with their biggest star PewDiePie.  (Stock analysts take note,  this is why YouTube will always be an also-ran when it comes to lucrative video advertising.)


YouTube continues to promote its YouTube red original content from PewDiePie.  (UPDATE Screenshot was taken on Feb 14 2017 at  8:21 AM GMT, YouTube now claims to have “dropped” PewDiePie from YouTube, but this  is clearly not true.  This video and channel is still live, and still on YouTube Red Premium Subscription.  )  While some are characterizing PewDiePie’s videos as tasteless and hurtful trolling, clearly the videos go well beyond that.  But don’t just take my word for it, just ask Andrew Anglin at the American Nazi website The Daily Stormer. He declared the Daily Stormer  “The worlds #1 PewDiePie fansite after PewDiePie’s series of anti-semetic videos (below).


I suppose everyone makes mistakes.  But this isn’t a one time thing with YouTube. There is a pattern here.    For nearly 4 years The Trichordist has been documenting YouTube’s Hate Rock/Nazi videos advertising problem.   Imagine if VHI kept running anti-semitic and hate rock videos to sell advertising.  Who would want to do business with them?

As artists we could be excused for being somewhat ambivalent when it seemed the problem was a  “user generated hate” problem.   But PewDiePie has a deal to produce exclusive content for YouTube!  WTF?  These videos were produced with the backing of Disney and YouTube.  This is NOT UGC. At least Disney severed ties with PewDiePie.  YouTube has not. This is simply inexcusable.

So why do labels and artist continue to support the YouTube platform? Individual artists can’t take down their videos down but labels can.  Artists should tell their labels they don’t want to do business with a platform that hosts and monetizes anti-semitism and hate rock (Ed note: And ISIS recruitment videos!!).


We’ve been on this for 4 years.  No one in the music industry has been listening.  Why?  Are labels too scared to stand up to YouTube?  Too scared to stand up to hate and anti-semitism? I urge all artists and labels to review our coverage:

November 7 2013

The Trichordist asks YouTube Music Award Guest Stars to ask YouTube to stop hosting and serving ads on hate rock videos and rape playlists.

April 15 2014

In the wake of the Jewish Community Center Shootings:

November 14 2014

YouTube launches subscription service without dealing with Hate Rock problem.

Will The New YouTube Streaming Service Feature All the Hate Rock Currently Featured On YouTube?

November 17 2014

We made the same point to artists and labels in 2014.  They failed to act. Frankly this is when I gave up for a while cause I came to the realization that artists and labels are essentially quislings.

Do You Want Your Music Alongside Hate Rock Songs? Artist Face YouTube Music Dilemma.

July 16 2015

Much press about Reddit, racist and violent misogynist sub-reddits but the same stuff can be found on YouTube.

Advertisers: How is YouTube Any Different Than Reddit?



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  1. I will contact YouTube and pull my videos as the writer of dozens of hit songs. It is outrageous that artists and songwriters royalties are already stolen by YouTube and its parent company, Google

    So Youtube! Take all my Belinda Carlisle videos OFF

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