What’s the Deal with the Tech Dirt T-shirt? Protecting the 1st Amendment!


I feel that I didn’t make this clear enough at the beginning, so let me be absolutely clear.

I am wearing this Tech Dirt T-shirt on stage as much as possible because I sincerely believe that Tech Dirt and Mike Masnick are being unfairly sued.  As a blogger I’ve been on the receiving end of letters threatening legal action for simply exercising my free speech.  It without a doubt chilled my speech.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually be sued for millions of dollars.   I understand that it is almost comic that I am defending Tech Dirt and Masnick.  We couldn’t be more opposite on so many issues.  However this is deadly serious.  If Tech Dirt is shut down because of this lawsuit no blogger, including this blogger is safe from this sort of intimidation.  We are in 100% agreement here.

As Masnick stated in a post shortly after the suit was filed:

“So, in our view, this is not a fight about who invented email. This is a fight about whether or not our legal system will silence independent publications for publishing opinions that public figures do not like.”

You can read Mike’s detailed explanation here:


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