@YouTube Still Hosts ISIS National Anthem: Tell your record company pull videos

It’s not just that YouTube hosts the ISIS national anthem. The comments sections on many of these jihadi nasheeds appear to be used to recruit, radicalize and otherwise support terror. Look for yourself. We have been pointing this out for years. YouTube have long been aware of the problem. 

 We noted here previously that in addition to hosting the videos, YouTube was profiting by often serving advertising on this heinous “content.”  Since the revenues are shared with channel hosts it’s likely YouTube is violating anti-terror funding laws. 

How many people have to die before YouTube does the right thing?  

No more profile pic changes

No more prayers, “thoughts” and expressions of solidarity with victims. 

Let’s actually do something tangible. 

Three things need to happen.

1) Artists and other creators should pull videos from YouTube for enabling radicalization and terror

2) Advertisers should pull all advertising from  YouTube

3) UK and US governments should arrest top Google executives for supporting terror.  In the past they have clearly violated  these laws. No statute of limitations on terror! 

Seeing one of their peers in handcuffs, might finally get the social media robber barons to do something about it this time.