How Crypto Fascism Works: Piracy Apologists Manufacture Links to “Googlewash” Trichordist Reporting on Reda-Pirate-Nazi Nexus

Listen dumb asses. This isn’t our first fucking rodeo. We know what you are up to with multiple URLs of the same story.  It’s called Googlewashing or Google Bombing.

Torrent Freak is trying to create noise in the search ranking system. So since they decided to step into it with us, let’s point out what we know about Torrent Freak and ask why they may be trying to mess with page rank of our story and site:

Torrent Freak apparently received money from a mysterious VPN based in an industrial park in Michigan.  This company, Private Internet Access (which is in turn owned by London Trust Media) for a long time had a “hard coded” advertisement on the Torrent Freak website.   It is not unreasonable to assume that this was (is) a significant source of income for Torrent Freak which has no other visible means of support. We can’t imagine they advertised/endorsed PIA/London Trust Media for free.

This same company also funds the grassroots non-profit Fight For The Future. We take Fight for the Future to task in the same article for it’s mass copyright infringement campaign against the MLK estate.   Fight for the future has also hosted “hard coded” advertisements for PIA/London Trust Media.   (Not even sure how that works as a tax exempt non-profit).

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Rick Falkvinge the founder of The Pirate Party is an officer at the PIA subsidiary of London Trust Media. We didn’t bring it up in the last article but Rick ” Falkvinge has his own history as a Nazi apologist.  A Swedish acquaintance noted noted “(Below) is one example (in Swedish), where Falkvinge claims that the murder of labour union activist Björn Söderberg in 1999 by Nazis had nothing to political ideology, but was payback for outing the killers to media as Nazis (like that is any better).”   


Not saying anything criminal is going on here with all these strange interconnections and actions. So consider this a friendly reminder.  If you’re already doing something wrong, adding collusion and conspiracy is usually a penalty multiplier.  It can even turn something not illegal into something illegal. Since this all essentially gets back to mass copyright infringement (a RICO predicate) you might want to be a little more careful.

Or maybe not.

Have it your way.