Can Blocking Ads Help Artists? Should Artists Encourage Fans to Block Ads?

I posted this article in 2015. But it is perhaps more relevant today. Ad supported streaming services rely on packaging and selling user’s personal information. Ad supported streaming underpays artists. Artists and consumers interests are completely aligned.

Subscription services pay artists better and don’t need to compromise consumer privacy. #DeleteTheFreeTier

The Trichordist

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 8.43.52 PM

Rates are “all in” at source.  Calculations based on royalty statements from a catalogue of 1500 titles 2014.  Exception is Pandora which was calculated from 2nd quarter 2015 statements (higher than 2014).  

In the fight for fair pay artists are not at war with the Internet or really even the streaming services, we are at war with the online advertising industry.   As we have demonstrated time and time again, subscription (paid) music streaming services pay at least 7 times the rate that the free services pay.   When you see artists (like myself) post absurdly low royalty payments it’s usually from one of the services that is predominately ad supported. Above is a chart that illustrates this nicely.

So for artists the solution seems easy:  get rid of ad-supported free tiers.  The problem is that in order to do away with these ad-supported tiers we have to fight not…

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