Latest Draft of the Music Modernization Act

FYI everyone. Latest draft of the Music Modernization Act is available here.

Music Technology Policy

The 2nd Draft of Music Modernization Act 3/22/18 was released publicly today.  We are reviewing and will post comments in the coming days.

The first thing I noticed is that the tragic demonstration of the raw lobbying power of Big Tech: The litigation reach back safe harbor seems to still be in there which is designed to deny due process and other Constitutional protections to songwriters whose works are infringed prior to the enactment of the Music Modernization Act.

Plus the one-sided board of directors is still the inverse of the publisher/songwriter control in other countries, 70% publishers and 30% songwriters.

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One thought on “Latest Draft of the Music Modernization Act

  1. Living a historical moment, we authors can not allow it to be said ignoring the serious problem of remuneration in the online environment. The MMA, will be a tool of the three major labels to handle the entire control of the rights of composers. The problem lies in the different orientation of copyright protection, or the defense of copyright. I think that in Europe, we still have the opportunity to elaborate a legislation that supports the authors, above the companies. The copyright was born in Paris, let us not allow it to die in Paris through the pressures exerted by ICMP in the CISAC headquarters. What is Cisac defending today?

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