Professor Michael Geist’s Fingerprints are on Bogus Human Rights Claim Against Canada.

Yesterday I published an article detailing the Human Rights complaint against Canada by David Kaye a so-called “UN Rapporteur for Freedom of expression.”  While citizens of authoritarian governments worldwide are subject to restraints on freedom of expression, Professor David Kaye decided the four alarm fire for freedom of expression is a rather modest proposal to block pirate websites under Canadian national law.  This is similar to laws that are in place in at least 20 other (democratic) countries.

The important of my article is that I noticed that the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur had engaged in a deceptive sleight of hand.  He claimed his analysis was based on existing international, national, and regional law.  But upon drilling down we noticed he was actually referencing aspirational agreements by mostly technology company funded astroturf groups.  Of particular concern was his reliance on The Right To Share and The Manila principles.  These two documents do not hold the force of law and the Rapporteurs reliance on these documents for his complaint against Canada is dishonest, deceptive and possibly illegal.  These documents are the international treaty equivalents of “Fake News.” Hence “bogus.”

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Today while perusing comments I discovered that the (federally funded) Canadian Research Chair Michael Geist, may be in on the whole deception.  Look at this curious comment in Geist’s submission to the CRTC on the website blocking proposal:

Spooky. It’s almost as if Geist knew the UN Special Rapporteur was gonna file a complaint.  A complaint that also happens to cite aspirational non-legally binding documents that appear to be co-authored by Geist.

Academic freedom is one thing. Participating in a conspiracy to mislead the CRTC is another. I suggest that those investigating this manner,  use freedom of information laws to look for communications between Geist and the the UN Rapporteur.



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