Final Recap, News and Last Links of 2012…

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Recent Posts:
* What Can Songwriters Do: Copyright Office Comment Period Ends Today for Mechanical Royalty Statements of Account
* The Return of Orphan Works: A Review of the 2008 Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act Part 1
* Ending Decade Old Arguments : How the Promise of the Internet has Failed Artists and Musicians…
* Billy Corgan Exploited By… Citi Bank, AT&T, Target, Virgin Atlantic, Mazda, Neiman Marcus, Musicians Friend, Hertz, BMW, Audi, Boston Market, Urban Outfitters, Williams Sonoma
* Songwriter comments on Section 115 Rulemaking
* FTC Treats Google With Kid Gloves and No Transparency
* Fair Pay for Air Play, Terrestrial Radio Performance Royalties for Musicians
* The Piracy-Pandora Connection: Can the Super Bowl, Oscars and Grammys Move the Needle on Brand Supported Piracy?
* The Return of Orphan Works: Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the War on Authors by Brad Holland


Seattle Weekly:
* It’s Time for Artists to Fight Piracy as Vigorously as They’ve Challenged Pandora

“…it’s time for artists to band together to set the story straight. Don’t leave it to the few brave enough to speak strongly on the matter. There needs to be a large, coordinated effort by bands big and small to tell their story–to sign a letter to fans explaining how devastating piracy is to their ability to make music for a living (or at all).”

Vox Indie:
* IP and Instagram–a Teaching Moment Perhaps?
* Should More Artists Speak Out Against Piracy?
* Creative Commons Celebrates 10 Years

CNN Money:
* Instagram can now sell your photos for ads
* Instagram says it won’t sell your photos to advertisers

* Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Hunger for Free Content Starves Creativity, by Chris Ruen

The Guardian UK:
* Intellectual property crime unit to be set up by City police

Torrent Freak:
* U.S. and Russia Announce Online Piracy Crackdown Agreement
* Anti-Piracy Chief Patents “Pay Up or Disconnect” Scheme

* “T-Shirts and Touring” as Revenue for Artists just took a left Turn (YOLO)

Brian Pickings:
* The Best Music Books of 2012

Digital Music News:
* 10 People That Totally Changed the Industry In 2012…

(11) Oh, there’s one more guy…In one fiery and insanely-viral post, performer and professor David Lowery somehow managed to reframe the entire debate over technology, piracy, and the plight of the artist. And, draw attention from seemingly every corner of both the tech and creative communities. It was the biggest post of the year for the music industry, and potentially, the start of a very different type of discussion in 2013.

* Major Label Lobbying vs. Google Lobbying, 2012…
* The State of Music Subscription, December, 2012…
* USC Is Now Researching the Amount of Advertising Flowing Into Pirate Sites…
* Google Exec: If You Really Want to Kill Piracy, Then Kill the Advertisers Who Support It…

Ad Land:
* Senate passes a resolution asking to drop adult classifieds
* Adland booted from Google Adsense due to PETA’s misogynist ads

Copyright Alliance:
* Capitalist Copyrights: A Republican Reply to “Three Myths about Copyright”
* MUSIC Act introduced
* YouTube Moves for Safe Harbor Against Viacom

Daily Dot:
* YouTube strips Universal and Sony of 2 billion fake views

The Cynical Musician:
* Copyright and Scarcity

Weekly Recap News & Links Sunday December 9, 2012

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Happy Holidays, it’s been a slow week at The Trichordist following the ongoing IRFA and RSC meltdowns…


The Drum:
* New international reports will name and shame brands which advertise on websites that feature pirated film and music content

Background Briefing with Ian Masters:
* Is the Door Closing for Musicians in Digital Age?

* Selling the Canadian government and wives on the same networks : demand accountability now
* Let the social media Cola Wars begin
* Istagram pulls twitter integration, need to puff their own site stats to ‘monetize’ and keep investors happy

Paid Content:
* If you want to hurt pirates, target their ad money says rockstar

Seeking Alpha:
* Pandora, The Underpants Gnomes, And Sirius XM

Vox Indie:
* (Another) Misleading Study (Sort of) Claiming Piracy is Good for the Movie Biz…
* Google Search #FAIL Means More $$$ for Them

* Does Copyright Involve Scarcity?

Ethical Fan:
* Torrent Freak: US BitTorrent Traffic Grows 40% from 2011 (Sandvine)

Torrent Freak:
* NZBMatrix Shuts Down Citing Piracy Troubles
* Record Labels go to High Court to Force More ISPs to Block Pirate Bay
* Pirate Bay Proxy Loses Domain Name to Anti-Piracy Boss

Digital Music News:
* US Album Sales Down Just 4% On the Year…
* iTunes 11: Be Very Afraid, Spotify…
* Major Labels: We Spend Up to $1.4 Million Developing a New Artist…

The Illusion of More :
* The Opaqueness of Transparency
* Why isn’t the Internet breaking?
* Google Protects IP (its own)

The Washington Post:
* Justice Department meets with firms seeking Google antitrust probe

Business Insider:
* Google Is One Vote Away From Being Slammed With A Massive Anti-Trust Suit By The FTC

Weekly Recap & News Sunday Dec 2, 2012

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Recent Posts:
* Lars Was First And Lars Was Right
* Zoë Keating’s Request for Internet Transparency met w/ usual Hypocrisy
* The Most Important Fact Academics and The Copyleft Neglect to Mention: Copyright is Optional.
* Giving Thanks for Creators Rights and Copyright
* Congressional Research Service Memo on Constitutionality of IRFA Section 5
* Other Than That Mr Westergren, How Was The Play? IRFA Gets An Ass Whupping
* Or Pandora Could Add Another Minute Of Advertising And Raise Their Revenue 50%
* Video of the “Radio Active” panel at The Future of Music Summit 2012.
* The Internet Radio Fairness Act’s Attack on Free Speech
* This photo says it all
* Google’s Serial Obfuscation: Music Canada,BPI, Billboard Question Whether Google Has Really Lowered Pirate Sites Search Rankings
* IRFA is the Broadcast Industry’s SOPA. Censors Free Speech
* IRFA and the Future of Music Policy Summit: Why Would FOMC Miss An Opportunity to Defend Artist Rights?


Seeking Alpha :
* The Internet Radio Fairness Act Will Fail

Ars Technica :
* Pandora’s Internet radio bill hits a wall of opposition in Congress

* Pandora’s Web radio bill is doomed — well, for now

House Judiciary Committee – Video of the Hearing:
* Music Licensing Part One: Legislation in the 112th Congress


* House Republicans: Copyright Law Destroys Markets; It’s Time For Real Reform
* That Was Fast: Hollywood Already Browbeat The Republicans Into Retracting Report On Copyright Reform

Precursor Blog:
* The Copyright Education of Mr. Khanna — Part 2 Defending First Principles Series

* Republican Study Committee Policy Brief on Copyright: Part 1
* Republican Study Committee Policy Brief on Copyright: Part 2

Music Tech Policy:
* Critiquing The “Free Culture” Book Report or “The Copyright Education of Mr. Khanna”


Mercury News:
* German lawmakers call Google campaign ‘cheap propaganda’

“The campaign initiated by Google is cheap propaganda,” said conservative lawmakers Guenter Krings and Ansgar Heveling.

“Under the guise of a supposed project for the freedom of the internet, an attempt is being made to coopt its users for its own lobbying,” the two said in a statement.

* Deconstructing: Pandora, Spotify, Piracy, And Getting Artists Paid

* Making Cents – Damon Krukowski of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi breaks down the meager royalties currently being paid out to bands by streaming services and explains what the music business’ headlong quest for capital means for artists today.

The Cynical Musician:
* Reco’nize: The Original Cynical Musician (Lars Ulrich)

* Songwriters Are Left Out of Pandora’s Royalty Plan: Guest Post by Downtown Music’s Justin Kalifowitz

The National Review Online:
* Myths and Facts about Copyright

* How Are Google’s Anti-Piracy Search Policies Working?

Digital Music News:
* We’ve Written Some of the Biggest Songs In History. And This Is What Pandora Pays Us…
* If You Stream a Song Once a Day, When Does It Pay the Same As a Download?
* My Song Was Played 3.1 Million Times on Pandora. My Check Was $39…
* Finally: A Solution for Pandora’s Financial Problems…

Torrent Freak:
* IMAGiNE BitTorrent Piracy Group “Sysop” Jailed 40 months
* BitTorrent Site Owners Fear European Domain Name Seizures
* Canada Set For Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits, Anti-Piracy Company Warns

Music Tech Policy:
* The Artists, United, Can Never Be Defeated
* Too Big to Fix Part 1: YouTube’s Thimblerig, or What’s Inside Your Black Box Today Mr. Schmidt?

* Friday’s Endnotes – 11/30/12
* A Brief History of Webcaster Royalties
* The Purposes of Copyright Law and “Anti-Copyright” Arguments

Worth an encore, Lars Ulrich predicts the demise of Artists Rights to Internet Robber Barrons in 2000 on The Charlie Rose Show.