Only 0.33% of YouTube Videos Generate 1 Million or more views… #SXSW

Only one third of one percent of all videos uploaded to YouTube generate 1m or more views. Tell us again about this internet empowerment…

Half Of YouTube Videos Get Fewer Than 500 Views | Business Insider

YouTube’s most-watched-video lists are full of viral hits and popular music videos. But the majority of videos uploaded to Google’s (GOOG) video site are hardly watched by anyone.

Some 53% of YouTube’s videos have fewer than 500 views, says TubeMogul. About 30% have less than 100 views. Meanwhile, just 0.33% have more than 1 million views.

And here’s another interesting stat, music is the #1 category accounting for over 30% of all views.

Inside YouTube Videos : Exploring YouTube videos and their use in blogosphere | Sysomos

Main highlights:

Music is the most popular category with 31% of all analyzed videos, followed by Entertainment (15%) and People & Blogs (11%).

There is no clear correlation between the rating of the video on YouTube and how often it is viewed. Videos with a rating more than 4 out of 5 usually have fewer views than those with medium rating score between 2 to 3.

Average length of a YouTube video is 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

The average number of views for the YouTube videos we analyzed is 99,160.

If there is an authoritative source of more current stats than these please let us know in the comments.

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  1. The term “internet empowerment” may have been relevant as early as 15 years ago. Not so much anymore… Telling someone hoping for financial gain (or other) they will be a success on the internet (a relative term for sure) is like telling a young actor they will be a movie star.

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