95 Percent of Streaming Music Catalogs Are ‘Irrelevant’ to Consumers, Study Finds | Digital Music News

So about that long tail and digital empowerment for indie artists, hmmmmmm…

So why aren’t those numbers better?

Mulligan feels that a big part of the problem is that the average consumer simply doesn’t care about enormous selections and vast catalogs, and they’re definitely not willing to pay for it. “Most people aren’t interested in all the music in the world and most people aren’t interested in spending $9.99 (or the local market equivalent) a month for music,” Mulligan continued.

“Indeed, just 5% of streaming catalogues is regularly frequented. Most of the rest is irrelevant for most consumers.”

Surprise! Not all music is equal despite how much of it is being made.

Charge a premium for top shelf professional music and let everyone else give their music away if they want to. Stop exploiting professional artiss into free streaming schemes and scams.

As we reported in our post “Streaming Is The Future, Spotify Is Not Let’s Talk Solutions” we suggested consumer based tiered pricing based on value proposition. Glad to see this is starting to get some notice.