Target Next: EFF Gets Called Out On Its Close Ties To Google and Surveillance State

Yesterday an anonymous group targeted EFF (and others) for close ties to Google and surveillance state. Poster outside EFF headquarters. Photo: San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center.

Last week we brought attention to the fact the Fight For The Future is not a grassroots organization, but in actuality a corporate and black box foundation funded astroturf group.  And a very bad one at that:

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Now it’s EFFs turn.   Read more here.

Poster protests against Google-Government collusion
by Alex Mitadvida

“On May 16, art activists in San Francisco postered Google headquarters, Google Ventures, Mozilla, and other areas with satirical art showing Google to be pulling President Obama’s strings. They even postered the Electronic Freedom Foundation, which the activists say has gone along with the policies that have built the Intelligence State…”

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