Q. How Do You Know 100% Licensing is Good For Google? A. Techdirt Praises it

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Remember Mike Masnick appeared on the so-called  Oracle vs Google “shill list.”   See here:


Since Mike addresses the Trichordist directly,   let me answer directly.

I am all for the 100% licensing rule because it will break the exploitative and unconstitutional music licensing system. I will educate every songwriter on how to exploit this to our advantage.  We have nothing left to loose.  Why not cause absolute chaos for the music users?  Let them feel our pain.  And it’s all perfectly legal.  It simply requires us not do something the DOJ can’t make us do.   And it may even allow writers to selectively window their works on streaming services. Something that was impossible until now.  Stay tuned for that!

And it has also shined a light on corruption and Google control of DOJ antitrust division.

Kully who was nominally in charge of this DOJ rule is suddenly gone?   His position appears vacant.  This happened yesterday.

The chaos has started!

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(Editor note:  Masnick thinks so much of himself that he offers to shut down Techdirt forever if someone pays him $100 million dollars.  See below)

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