Kapture: Systemic Bias at Public Knowledge; Also Freakish Cranial Widths of The Public Knowledge Authors


“Public Knowledge? Most of the money and all the policy is Google” – Former board member.

The Google/Soros front group that is Public Knowledge just released an unprecedented attack on the Copyright Office and staff.   This is notable for several reasons.

First,  the attack is in retaliation for the Copyright Office opposing  the FCC and DOJ Antitrust  on two recent proposed rule changes that favor Google.  I’m mean they don’t even hide it.  See screenshot above.  They are going hog wild.  BTW we should note,  the CO does not oppose set top box competition, they oppose all the little copyright goodies for Google stuffed into the proposed regulation.  But PK and FCC are dishonestly portraying it very differently. These people are real <Poll Results>.

Did Gigi Sohn phone home to Public Knowledge/Google and ask them to attack the copyright office?
Did Gigi Sohn phone home to Public Knowledge/Google and ask them to attack the copyright office?

Second Gigi Sohn Senior Counsel to FCC Chairman Wheeler and the driving force behind “Unlock the box for Google”  is also founder of Public Knowledge.  So think about it. It appears that a high ranking federal official has used her own foundation to publicly attack other federal officials in a disgusting and underhanded manner.  Is this even legal?  What <Poll Results>! Regardless, it’s FOIA time!

Third Public Knowledge seems to be trying to set the stage for a putsch at the Copyright Office now that they have a new Google/Soros endorsed and funded Librarian of Congress coming in.  The Copyright Office is marginally a part of the Library of Congress. Carla Hayden the new Librarian was (is?) a board member at the Soros OSI.

Fourth, Public Knowledge won’t be invited to the Copyright Office holiday party this year.  You may thinkn I’m being funny but this is significant.  Would you invite these <Poll Results> to your holiday party? If the Public Knowledge/Google/Soros orchestrated putsch at the Copyright Office fails we can expect future Public Knowledge reports to go directly into the shredder at the Copyright Office.   So either these folks are extremely confident in their ability to remake the copyright in their image or they have completely lost any ability to shape future Copyright policy.

Clarinet playing William Patry senior counsel for copyright at Google and former Copyright Office employee was left off of Public Knowledge’s “Revolving door” list.   It contradicted their false narrative so they seem to have let that *ahem* slide.  

Fifth,  The Public Knowledge report seema to engage in some extreme cherry picking of data to create the impression that the Copyright Office is “captured” by the “copyright industry.”   The “white hot smoking gun” as Disney fan boy and spam science fiction writer Cory Doctorow describes it is the “fact” that 7 copyright office employees over the past 22 years have gone on to work in the “copyright industries!”    That’s almost one employee every 3 years!  Scandalous!!! Compare that to the Obama administration’s 200+ employee revolving door with Google.   Apparently the scandal  is that the Copyright Office are just not doing a very good job of cashing in!   Try harder folks.   But seriously back to the cherry picking.   The folks at Public Knowledge omit many many former Copyright Office employees that went on to work at companies that don’t like copyright very much.  The most glaring omission is Willam Patry who is now Senior Copyright Counsel at Google.    A quick search of the Public Knowledge website reveals the organization is well aware of Patry.


New playground game for the kids  “Where in the world is William Patry?”


But then there is also the matter of the freakish variation in the widths of the heads of the authors of ©APTURED: Systemic Bias at the Copyright Office .  I mean this is some X-files shit right here.  Obviously there has been some slight reshuffling of the books between photos to try to downplay this, but clearly this sample does not represent typical human variation in cranial sizes.  Clearly a non-gaussian spread.  There may very well be something extraterrestrial going on here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the lower half of one of these authors was mostly cephalopod. Scully?