Public Knowledge: We Stand In Front of Shelves of Books So We Don’t Look Like Google Shills


From these photos we can’t rule out the possibility that the lower half of these Public Knowledge staffers are cephalopod.

While it may be tempting to get sidetracked measuring the freakish non-gaussian variation in cranial widths of various staffers at the Google funded Public Knowledge, it’s important to note that the real reason they are standing in front of books is not so that we can easily measure their craniums, but because they are saying: “Hey we’re not Google shills!”

You don’t have to be Roland Barthes to figure out what they are up to.  Even if two of the books on the shelves behind you appear to be Idiot guides, books still lend a sort of scholarly vibe to your headshot.  And of course scholarly implies neutrality, and neutrality says :”Just because I’m funded by Google I’m not a shill for Google.”

Even with cranial width variations that exceed 4 standard deviations, still neutral!

Now I suppose that I need to prove that I can use Microsoft Word tables as well as Public Knowledge in their recent “scholarly” study that was NOT a dishonest personal attack on the Register of Copyrights written by half human half cephalopod staff.

So here is a table that demonstrates the alignment of Public Knowledge policy positions with Google


Wait I don’t understand what is happening here?  Cephalopods?  Cranial width?